9.5 Months.

The title of this post should be…For My Parents and Sister.

Today it rained really hard, and we only left the house for a quick second because we ran out of this. (I have high maintenance coffee issues.) Anyway, I had the thought, This must be what it’s like to raise babies in Oregon. Thankful for mostly sunny days.

SoΒ for some entertainment,Β I got out the camera post-nap. I have hardly taken any pictures on our good camera lately and it was time. My favorite Ford photos are the ones you catch on the way out the door, when it wasn’t planned. Like these from a few days ago…

IMG_3276(His finger!)

IMG_3270And like today…

IMG_9116We have started to discuss his 1st birthday. 1 year old. How.on.earth.

IMG_9102He crosses his feet when he sits, eats, sleeps and plays. It mostly melts me to a puddle.




IMG_9156So much joy.

IMG_9161So, happy Wednesday.

Tomorrow I’m making these because they are Nate’s favorite. Bonus: add chocolate chips. And then this for dinner. True Fact: Sometimes when I’m not organized and meal planned, I Google,Β what shall I make for dinner. Always thankful when my mom is looking out and there is a new recipe in my inbox. This mexican bowl is one of those recipes.


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