Blog Challenge {#1}.

I don’t know why I would voluntarily add another “challenge” to life right now, but I’m gonna do it. I don’t love commitments, but my dear friend Sear is doing this 31 day blog challenge. It’s to encourage creative thinking. I said I would join but only at a 3 posts a week commitment level. 3 posts a week? I’ve never done that. My favorite blogs are the ones that are less often, and you get madly excited when you see a new post is up. The everyday stuff is hard to do. Props to the bloggers that pull it off. It will be interesting to see what I find to blog about 3 times a week until the New Year, when all I do is go to work, come home, sleep and repeat. My 5 by 25 challenge is hard enough.

But this will be a good distraction.

So that means 12 posts by December 31.

One of my good friends asked me to send her new blogs. Our old favorites aren’t really blogging anymore. So this will be the topic of my first post. A recommendation of my current favorite blogs. And most of these are ones that inspire creative thinking.

But before. Has anyone heard of the Birchbox? I have seen a few people getting them over the past few months. It’s $10 a month and would be a really fun gift to give someone. A box shows up to your house once a month with amazing treats inside!

For design and decorating, I LOOOOOOOOVE Little Green Notebook. She is a designer who lives in NY. Her style is practical, copyable and she has the best DIY’s.

This one is for decorating sometimes, but she puts together cute outfits and her posts aren’t too wordy. It’s called Recently.

I found this blog through Jordi’s Instagram. Eat Live Run. She has great recipes. She lives in Northern CA and has some good insights. This obviously interests me now. I made her Salted Chocolate Carmel Cookie Bars for Thanksgiving and they were good. Make them.

Then there is sweet, sweet Ann Voskamp. Her blog is a little hard to find the recent post, but I have never read richer words on the internet. Mom gave us 1000 Gifts a few years ago. It’s a book I pick up and read often. Still. So far one of the hardest parts for me about being in full-time ministry is walking along my husband who walks along side people’s hurts, broken hearts and bad news. She wrote this post recently. Thanksgiving in all things accepts the deep mystery of God through everything.

Finally, Ash sent me this baby style blog, Heart and Habit. This leopard jacket…are you kidding me? My heart.

And to end this post with something else from around the web, here is our girl Kate, pregnant!


I couldn’t be more excited about sharing this bond with her. (Totally kidding.) (No I’m not.) Her maternity wardrobe possibilities are endless.

Happy Advent!

I’m interested in good laying around reading if anyone has any good blog suggestions.

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